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How Will Obama Address Financial Crisis, Recession

Article no: EN20081105-Article-6.3-2008

How Will Obama Address Financial Crisis, Recession

The 2008 US Presidential election was historic itself owing to the candidates? profile. But the timing of the elections as the U.S. and global economy are in the midst of the worst financial crisis and recession in decades reminds us of the Great Depression era and the 1980s recession when incoming Presidents Roosevelt and Reagan faced immense challenges to cure the economy?s woes. Excerpts from Roubini Global Economics Monitor

By the time Obama takes his oath in January 2009, he will face an economy which is still in a middle of a severe and prolonged recession where households will continue to face unaffordable mortgage and other debt, declining value of homes (that financed their consumption all these years), risk of debt default or foreclosure, tight access to credit with stringent borrowing conditions, erosion of their retirement savings amid the bearish stock market, over a million lay-offs taking the unemployment rate to 7-8% and critical foreign policy challenges ...

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