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Issue 2/Jun-Jul 2006

Article no: EN20061118-Issue-2-2006

Issue 2/Jun-Jul 2006

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In April 2006, the IMF issued an overall extremely positive appraisal of the world economic development for the third consecutive year in this decade. The impression created is that the turbulent times of the second half of the 90s and the crises of the beginning of this decade have been overcome, the lessons of failed economic policy have been learned and the course has been set for uninterrupted positive development in the coming years. However, this impression is deceptive, writes Jörg Huffschmid.

For the first time ever, the presidency of the G8 is held by Russia, and for President Vladimir Putin this summit is an important opportunity to boost Russia?s international standing, not only as a true Great Power, but also as a reliable partner of the West. It is no surprise that Putin?s agenda is focusing on issues where Russia has been in the defensive recently, first and foremost energy security. But Russia?s public relations offensive around the G8 surprisingly is highlighting another issue where nobody in the West expected Putin to score some points: public participation and dialogue with civil society. Jürgen Maier reports.

With the warm summer days upon us, it?s time for a pause to consider how the Austrian Presidency has measured up in its leadership on development, and the state of affairs heading into the Finnish Presidency starting in July. After the EU?s high-profile political commitments on development in 2005, the sign of the Austrian Presidency in the first semester of 2006 was implementation. Finland will place its Presidency under the banner of Policy coherence for development. By Denise Auclair.

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115 trade unionists were murdered for defending workers? rights in 2005, while more than 1,600 were subjected to violent assaults and some 9,000 arrested, according to the ICFTU?s Annual Survey of Trade Union Rights violations, published recently. Nearly 10,000 workers were sacked for their trade union involvement, and almost 1,700 detained. Many violations of union rights took place in firms linked to multinational corporations in the Americas. World Economy & Development in brief gives an overview.

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Closer to the "Fin(n)ish" + One year on from Gleaneagles + European NGOs denounce Mandelson agenda + International NGO Accountability Charter + EU Sustainable Development Strategy + Death of a Zombie dam + Oil shocks with limited effect on G7 economies + New online resources

Published: 19 June 2006

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