European Briefings on Globalisation, North-South Relations and International Ecology

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Livestock: Contracted in Global Value Chains

Article no: EN20080505-Article-3.2-2008

Livestock: Contracted in Global Value Chains

In times of rising food prices, not only agrofuels but also industrial livestock production is under scrutiny. It is based on concentrate feed that competes directly with food and fuel, and indirectly for land and water resources. In addition, the livestock?s greenhouse gas emissions, as well as increasing human health costs and animal welfare concerns are calling for a change. But most livestock producers cannot initiate the necessary U-turn. Even if they wanted to produce more sustainably, most of them are contracted in industrial value chains, and many are indebted. And at least in poultry, they depend on companies controlling the most important input, genetics. An overview by Susanne Gura

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