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Special Issue: Femme Globale (II)

Article no: EN20061230-Special-9-10-2005

Special Issue: Femme Globale (II)

This Special Issue of Weltwirtschaft & Entwicklung ("World Economy & Development in brief" - No. 9-10/September 2005) presents:

* The Case for a New Feminist Social Critique
* The New Aid Architecture: Gender in Poverty Eradication
* The Challenge of Islamic Fundamentalism
* Privatisation of Public Goods at the Expense of Women?
* Bio-politics between Autonomy and Marketisation
* Women's Winding Road into the Information Society

Ten years after the World Conference on Women in Beijing, this second Special Issue ?Femme Globale? updates further central themes in the international feminist debate. It is introduced by Ewa Charkiewicz, who critically questions the common global feminist canon. Mirjam van Reisen and Maxi Ussar review the recent development policy strategies for eradicating poverty and ask what significance they give to gender justice. Taking the example of Pakistan, Marion R. Mueller looks at the challenges of Islamic fundamentalism for feminist movements. Ingrid Spiller asks what specific women?s interests are crucial in the discussion on public goods. The difficult balancing act between autonomy and new forms of dependence in using new reproductive technologies are examined by Andreas Poltermann. Finally Heike Jensen takes the preparatory process for the second part of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) to be held in Tunis in November to shed light on women?s opportunities in the information society.

This Special Issue is published in co-operation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, on the occasion of the international conference Femme Globale: Gender Perspectives in the 21st Century, 8 ? 10 September 2005 (

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