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The EU Presidency Outlook for Development

Article no: EN20081209-Article-6.10-2008

The EU Presidency Outlook for Development

Within the broader context of a changeover from France?s Euro-activism to the Czech Republic?s Euro-scepticism, both Presidencies will have been at the helm during a period in which the stakes were high for development. Denise Auclair reviews the developmental aspects of the French Presidency in the second half of 2008 and previews to the perspectives under the Czech Presidency in 2009.

Throughout much of the fall, the EU institutions debated the mechanics of the European Commission?s proposal to transfer ?1 billion of unused Common Agricultural Policy subsidies for European farmers, to small-scale Southern farmers in order to boost local agricultural production in light of soaring prices and riots in many developing countries. The Presidency failed to give the Commission proposal decisive support, and discussions in the Council got lost amid the self-interest of Member States. Finally, the funding will come from emergency reserves as well as existing development funds, undermining the initial intent of additional solidarity with those suffering from high food prices ...

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