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The Political Declaration of the Group of 5 at G8

Article no: EN20080709-Article-4.1-2008

The Political Declaration of the Group of 5 at G8

For the first time at a G8 summit the group of five countries which are called Outreach-5 (O5) by the G8 (Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa) held its own meeting prior to the meeting with the G8 leaders in Hokkaido/Japan. The G5 Political Declaration is providing substantial alternatives to the multiple crises of the world ? from finance to food security, from energy to climate and development. WDEV documents the full text.

We the Leaders of Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa, gathered in Sapporo, Japan, on 8 July 2008, have resolved to issue this Political Declaration:

1. Mankind is at a critical historical crossroad. The potential of globalization and innovation to raise living standards is unprecedented, but so are social and sustainable development challenges around the world.

2. The interrelationships of a global economic slowdown marked by financial uncertainty, the persistence of trade protectionist distortions, soaring food and oil prices, and the threats posed by climate change add complexity to the current scenario ...

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