What the G5 Expects from Dialogue with the G8

Joint position paper for the Heiligendamm Process

When the so-called Heiligendamm Process will be launched by the G8 next October the group of five emerging economies (Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa) will be well prepared. The group, also known as ‘Outreach-5’, had its common position already developed prior to the Heiligendamm Summit last June. WDEV documents the text of the G5’s joint position paper for the Heiligendamm Process in full length. Compared to the G8 declaration on the Process, the paper reveals remarkable differences of interest between the two sides of the table.

1. In the last decade, the world has experienced significant, although uneven, economic growth and a decisive contribution by developing countries. Globalization has played an important role as a dynamic force for growth. However, its impact has left us with a world beset by acute economic and social inequalities. The marginalization of a large number of developing countries, especially in Africa, calls for intensified international co-operative efforts, international policy coherence and co-ordination, and faithful implementation of the outcomes of major Summits ...

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Posted: 13 September 2007

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