Nepal: A second chance for the Maoists

Will Bamburam Bhattarai rectify past mistakes?

Nepal is struggling to overcome the aftermaths of a decade-long civil war that cost 11,000 lives. The war formally ended in 2006, but violence and impunity continue in parts of the country. Kul Chandra Gautam analytically and evocatively reflects the tensions of the country, as a new Prime Minister, from the Maoist Party, takes over as elected head of the interim government. With a background note by Gabriele Köhler

History has given the Maoists a second chance to lead the Government of Nepal in three years. The new Prime Minister, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, assumes leadership of the nation with a mixed reputation – but on the whole, with high respect and great anticipation. In public opinion polls, he scores a much higher rating than any other current political leader of the country. Many Nepalis, especially the younger generation, hold him in high esteem as a highly educated, intelligent, competent and clean politician with a vision...

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