G20: The wrong forum for development policy

Emergence of a new donor platform?

While the G20 efforts to manage global aggregate demand, exchange rate management and stronger regulation of the international financial sector have not worked out quite as planned, in Cannes the Group was further solidifying its role in directing the system of multilateral institutions. The G20 has assigned itself the job of determining international development cooperation policy. It is not the proper group to undertake such a job and it is not doing it well. A comment by Barry Herman

“International development cooperation” is understood here to mean the coherent and consistent application of the full panoply of policy measures that aim to boost economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and sustained development. By global agreement, it includes everything in the Monterrey Consensus, adopted in 2002 at the International Conference on Financing for Development, as well as the mandates and actions for sustainability that can be traced back to the “Earth Summit” of 1992 in Rio de Janeiro ...

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Consensus not really global
Selective agenda, biased to private investment
The results of the G20's DWG so far
Cannes declaration less unbalanced

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