The battle for UNCTAD's future

Who should run the global economy?

You wouldn't know it from the mainstream press, but there is a huge fight brewing over the future of global economic governance that came to a head at a conference in Doha, Qatar, this week. There, governments from around the world joined the 13th meeting of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD XIII), where they finalise a document that set the mandate of the organisation for the next four years. By Deborah James

UNCTAD, as the only multilateral economic agency focused on development, has emerged as one of the leading critics of "finance-led globalisation", positing "development-led globalisation" as the needed alternative policy focus of global economic governance. Therein lies the fight ...

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Development-led vs. finance-led globalisation
UNCTAD and global governance
Developing countries are fighting back
Ahead of the curve
Key issues at stake
Civil societies turn
Coosing sides

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