UNCTAD XIII: Which role and mandate next?

The rolling documentation by WDEV

Outcome documents of the meeting

The Doha Mandate
The Doha Manar

Official websites

Homepage of UNCTAD
Homepage of UNCTAD XIII
Host country's website

Documents in preparation of UNCTAD XIII

Report of Secretary-General to UNCTAD XIII: Development-led globalisation: Towards sustainable and inclusive development paths
Draft president's negatiating text for UNCTAD XIII
Position papers from Regional Groups
G77 and China call for reaffirmation of Accra Accord
Declaration of the Least Developed for UNCTAD XIII

UNCTAD Policy Briefs and parallel reports

On sovereign debt crises
On Aid for Trade
On the paradox of finance-driven globalisation
UNCTAD: Globalisation and Development: Facts and Fugures 2012
UNCTAD: Commodities and Development Report 2012
UNCTAD: Trade and Development Report 1981-2011. Three decades of thingking development

Articles and analyses

Silencing the message or the messenger - or both? (WDEV documentation)
West strikes back against new order (Robert Wade)
The battle for UNCTAD's future (Deborah James)

Voices of the civil society

Civil Society Declation to UNCTAD XIII: Executive Summary
Civil Society Letter: Strengthen, Don't Weaken UNCTAD's Role in Global Governance
CSOs against threat to UNCTAD and its mandate
International Trade Union Congress (ITUC): Message to UNCTAD XIII
Oxfam: Message for UNCTAD XIII

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Last update: 27 April 2012

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