Victory at UNCTAD XIII

The devolution of the battle of Doha

After a week of intense negotiations, civil society groups welcomed a rare victory on 26 April in the final Declaration of the UNCTAD XIII conference in Doha, Qatar (all documents mentioned in this articles can be found >>> here). The final Declaration provides support – approved by the developing and developed countries alike – for a strong mandate for UNCTAD's vital work on financial and related crises. Amazingly, this was the most contentious aspect of the text, reports Deborah James.

Developed countries originally even opposed the inclusion of language recognizing the existence of the global financial and economic crisis. A red line for the US was on language mandating UNCTAD to work on the "root causes" of the crisis – probably because the implied culpability, since the US was the epicentre of the financial crisis of 2008-2009 ...

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Why would such language be so controversial?
Why this fight is so important
When things started to change
After days of heated debates ...
... we celebrate the reaffirmation of UNCTAD’s mandate

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