More imaginative in the South than in the North

The social protection discourse these times

Social protection has been on the development agenda for some years now. There is a long, arduous, thorny path to climb to make it a reality on the ground, to render it inclusive, comprehensive and empowering for at least 2 billion people who live in complete daily insecurity. At the level of vision, principles, and policy commitments, however, the social protection discourse has reached new heights over these past months, Gabriele Köhler comments.

There is the notion of transformative and rights-based social protection principles and the case for building systems is now integral to several key development policy statements. Not least influential of these is the new social protection and labour strategy of the World Bank 2012-2022. A new social protection strategy of the European Commission to be agreed later this year, based on a public Consultation, will likely have similar rights-based features ...

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Social protection mainstreamed
But under attack in the North
Beyond conventional "social" policies

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