Post-2015: We do not want to be mainstreamed...

... into a polluted stream, say NGOs

Some 120 civil society organisations (CSOs) from 80 countries met in Bonn 20-22 March, on the topic of “Advancing the post 2015 sustainable development agenda”. The conference was one step in the two-track beyond-2015 process, following on the one hand the Rio plus 20 Summit with its intergovernmental process advocating for a set of sustainable development goals, and on the other hand the UN Secretary-General’s work on the MDGs and formulating a new UN development agenda. Gabriele Köhler reports

These two tracks have spawned a flurry of debates and activities: formal and ad-hoc intergovernmental discussions; UN-led thematic and country-level consultations; civil society caucuses; programmatic statements of the international trade union movement; consultations in the business sector; a UN-wide task team covering all the agencies, funds, programmes, even the IFIS; academic papers; and web-based surveys of individuals. Will this change the world? ...

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Will it change the world?
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