China, BRICS and Africa: Who really benefits?

BRICS Summit as part of new realities

The recent Human Development Report 2013 under the heading ‘The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World’ pointed to the impact of the so-called emerging economies (foremost China, but also India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and several others) on resource-rich African countries. The assumption is that new competition for the continent’s wealth could provide an opportunity for Africa’s development. Henning Melber comments.

This hope is not that new. For several years the shifts towards multi-polarity and the effects for global economic relations have been analysed. But the discussion of the new competition for African resources pointed to both risks and opportunities ...

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A notion of 'otherness'
Box: BRICS FDI and Africa
The Durban Summit: Not only about economy
Opportunities for an African agenda?

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