Juncker's new start

What to expect from the new European Commission

Jean-Claude Juncker, the new President of the European Commission and his “winning team” start to work officially on 1 November 2014. The former Prime Minister of the small state and fiscal paradise Luxemburg (500,000 inhabitants) is trying to spread the sentiment of breaking new ground for the European Union after five years of financial, economic, and increasingly, political, crisis. Peter Wahl reports

Unlike his predecessor, Juncker made some self-critical remarks and admitted what critics had been saying for years: There ‘was a lack of social fairness’ and ‘democratic legitimacy had suffered’ in the EU. Hence, he promised ‘a new start’ as well as ‘jobs, growth, fairness and democratic change.’ Of course, it is too early to judge whether this is more than a rhetorical facelift, or neo-liberalism with a human face. But looking more closely into the selection of commissioners and the structural changes in the Commission, there is little reason for optimism ...

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Peter Wahl is President of WEED, Germany.

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