The World Bank's new Gender Equality strategy

Critical reflections and key recommendations

14 years after their previous strategy on gender mainstreaming, the WBG has decided to develop a new Gender Equality (GE) Strategy. In this context, from April till July 2015, the WBG initiated a round of consultations, aiming to provide input to the new GE Strategy. The Strategy and initial directions are penned down in the Concept Note, titled Promoting Gender Equality to Reduce Poverty and Boost Shared Prosperity. This briefing document presents WIDE+ critical reflections and key recommendations to enhance the new World Bank Group’s (WBG) strategy on Gender Equality. By Patricia Muñoz Cabrera and Gea Meijers

* Please downlod the Briefing Paper >>> here.

Posted: 24 Aug 2015

Recommended citation: Cabrera, Patricia Muñoz/Gea Meijers (2015) 'The World Bank's new Gender Equality strategy', World Economy & Development In Brief, Issue 3-4/Jul-Dec, Luxembourg (

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