The Latin American Left is losing ground

How an economic and social model declined

Within a few weeks leftwing governments in Latin America have experienced a breath-taking decline. The Latin American (centre-) left forces suffered several strategic defeats. They occurred in the biggest Latin American economies. First in Argentina, than in Venezuela, and also in Brazil the days of an uncontested majority of left forces are definitely over now. Joachim Becker reviews the new situation on the continent.

On 22 November, in Argentina the liberal-conservative, strongly US-orientated candidate, Mauricio Macri won narrowly with 51.4% of the votes against the mildly centre-left Daniel Scioli. On 6 December, US-supported right-wing forces gained a two thirds majority of the seats in the Venezuelan parliament (if the three representatives of the indigenous population are included)...

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Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil
Eroding social base
Concessions and badly administrated crisis management
Which lessons will be drawn?

The author:

Dr. Joachim Becker is a.o. Professor at the Vienna Wirtschaftsuniversität.

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