Enthronisation of an ultra-presidential regime?

Turkey at the crossroads

At first glance, everyday life seems not to have changed in Istanbul. The streets are congested; people hurry to the ferry or the bus. For weeks, there has been no terror attack. Nevertheless, there are some visible changes. There are much more policemen in the streets. In some days, the Istiklal Caddesi, the main shopping street on the European side, seems to be under a state of siege. At every street corner, there is police van with the blue light switched on. In residential quarters, a security officer can be seen off service going shopping with a gun in its hand. Joachim Becker reports.

This was not part of everyday life in the past. And in conversations – even with avowedly unpolitical persons – there is only one topic: the coming referendum on the constitutional changes. And there is a lot of uneasiness and fear about what might happen around that date. The government intends to introduce an ultra-presidential regime through the referendum...

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The proposed constitutional changes
On the road to a “One-Man-Regime”
Opposition under oppression
Tense times ahead

The author:

Dr. Joachim Becker is a.o. Professor at the Vienna Wirtschaftsuniversität.

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