Cotton Made in Africa - A Field Report


“Love for Africa” was the motto at “Tchibo-World,” which took place in the third week of June in 2009. In addition to fair coffee and African furniture, 700,000 tops, skirts and table cloths bearing the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) label have been sold in the 900 (app.) Tchibo retail stores. The goal of this initiative is to enable African cotton farmers to cultivate their cotton in a more economic, fair and ecologically friendly manner. This experiment in Africa was a success for the Tchibo Company. The sales figures are noteworthy and other companies like Otto, Puma and Rewe are joining the Hamburg based consumer goods enterprise and participating in CmiA.

CmiA logo

This report, Cotton Made in Africa - A Field Report, can be downloaded as open content >>> here. A French version, Cotton Made in Africa - Rapport d'atelier, is also available >>> here.

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