Femme Globale (I + II)

Two Special Issues Offer

Special Issue Femme Globale (I): Gender Perspectives in the 21st Century (Barbara Unmüßig) +++ No Strong UN without Stronger Inclusion of Women (Charlotte Bunch) +++ The Impact of Neo-liberal Globalisation on Gender Equality and Social Justice (Christa Wichterich) +++ Peace and Security Need a Gender Perpective (Gitti Hentschel)
Special Issue Femme Globale (II): The Case for a New Feminist Social Critique (Ewa Charkiewicz) +++ Gender and Poverty Eradication (Mirjam van Reisen/Maxi Ussar) +++ Women and the Politics of the Religious Right (Marion R. Mueller) +++ Privatisation on the Back of Women (Ingrid Spiller) +++ Biopolitics and New Reproduction Technologies (Andreas Poltermann) +++ From Beijing to Tunis and Beyond: Towards the Information Society (Heike Jensen)

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