How European Governments are Inflating Aid Figures

Leadership or deception?

Overall official European aid levels are grossly exaggerated. This is the stunning result of a report jointly published by an unprecedented broad collaboration of European NGOs from across all 25 EU Member States. EU aid: genuine leadership or misleading figures?, written by the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad), exposes how overall official European aid levels are being exaggerated by one third, through the inclusion of figures which most members of the public would be horrified to see counted in development aid statistics. Eurodad activists Alex Wilks and Hetty Kovach have summarised the report for World Economy & Development In Brief.

Our analysis of official figures shows that five long-standing EU Member States exaggerated their aid by more than one third. For example, some 43% (€3.4 billion) of the German government’s claimed 2005 Official Development Assistance (ODA) delivered no new aid resources for developing countries ...

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