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Europe’ history was always closely connected with external expansion, exploitation and dominance. With the recent wave of globalisation and the new stage of economic and political in Europe new opportunities arise. Will Europe become a fortress and a new super power or a real development partner of the rest of the world? World Economy & Development In Brief observes carefully the political and economic relations of Europe towards ‘outside’.

Alternative Economists for Another Europe. EuroMemorandum 2007 published (WDEV documents)
EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon: The Day after... Prepared for real change? (Paul Engel/Marie-Laure de Bergh)
The EU Presidency Outlook for Development: German leadership heads south to Portugal (Denise Auclair)
Development NGOs Prepare for Poruguese Presidency (WDEV)
From Finland to Germany: The EU Presidency Outlook for Development (Denise Auclair)
Alternatives to Neo-liberal Transformation: 50 years after the Treaty of Rome (Euro-Memorandum Group)
EU: The New Financial Instrument for Development. Real improvements but some silutions (Florent Sebban)
Helsinki Meeting on EU Policy Coherence. All policies must fight against poverty (Final Declaration)
The EU's Good Governance Agenda in Development (Denise Auclair)
Fair Trade and Development: The EU's Non-Agenda (Michael Schmitt)
How European Governments are Inflating Aid Figures (Alex Wilks/Hetty Kovach)
The European Development Outlook: From Presidency to Presidency (Denise Auclair)
The European View: How to Reform the IMF? How Much Weight for Europe? (Rainer Falk)
The Unfinished Enlargement: Eastern Europe in Development Co-operation (Sabine Rehbichler)
Global Structural Policy for Development? The European Union's Strategy on Africa Examined (Klaus Schilder)
EU Council Meeting: More, and More Effective Aid. Time for Delivery in Luxembourg (Denise Auclair)
EU Spring Summit: Which Development for Europe? NGOs and trade unions critical of Lisbon Strategy (Rainer Falk)
Goodbye UK, Hello Austria: EU Presidency Outlook. Less glamour but more responsibility (Denise Auclair)
The European View: Fair Trade? The EU's Real Deficit (Frithjof Schmidt, MEP)
Alternative Economists Against European Minimalism. Euromemorandum proposes new integration strategy
Europe: After the Debacle, Before the Storm (Norman Birnbaum)

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