The New South

In Cancún with the G20 and the G90, and in Hong Kong with the G110 a New South was born. The industrial countries must recognise that the global economic architecture has changed. The New South is different. Whereas problems of dependency and unequal development persist the New South is the answer to the new challenges of South-South solidarity. World Economy & Development In Brief documents these interesting trends.

G110 in Hong Kong

China, BRICS and Africa: Who really benefits?

The great global power transformation

Important issues for the Non-Aligned Movement

A summit that revitalised the Non-Aligned Movement

Victory at UNCTAD XIII

UNCTAD XIII: Which role and mandate next?

The battle for UNCTAD's future

More imaginative in the South than in the North

Emerging economies: BRICS is here to stay

BRICS summit pushes to redress power imbalances

The Development Friends Declaration

BRICS: The North must get back on track

New step to regional integration in Latin America
The Development Friends' Declaration
BRICS Executive Directors at IMF concerned
Sanya/China 2011: Summit of the BRICS countries
BRICs Urged Reform of Financial Architecture
What the G5 Expects from Dialogue with the G8: Joint Position Paper for the Heiligendamm Process
Doha Collapse: What the South Was Asking For. Documents of G20, G33 and NAMA-11
G77/China: The System Lacks Good Global Governance. Statement of Foreign Ministers
South: No WTO Deal Against Food Security. Communiqué of G33, African Group, ACP and LDCs
South Forms Grand Coalition in Hong Kong. G110 - a force of 110 developing countries (Joint Statement)

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