UN Reform

The follow-up of the World Summit of 2005 is characterised by a new dynamics in the long-lasting process of reforming the United Nations. There is no doubt that the UN needs reform. But proposals that are now being pushed are fiercely embattled. There is a real danger for the South to be further marginalised in the system. World Economy & Development In Brief is a platform for debate and for controversial positions.

The Coherence Panel's Mixed Bag of Proposals: Will it make a difference in development? (Thomas Fues)
The Never-ending Story of ECOSOC Reform: L-27 as emerging alternative to G8? (Jens Martens)
Counterrevolution or Reform at the United Nations? (Ian Williams)
G77/China: The System Lacks Good Global Governance. Statement of Foreign Ministers on UN reform
The Prerequisite to UN Leadership in Development. System-wide coherence (Thomas Fues)
Frontal Attack on the UN: Reform at the Crossroads. A short period of time for complex problems (Torild Skard)
The New Human Rights Council at the United Nations. The US role: More harmful than helpful (Liane Schalatek)
World Summit Between Disappointment and Hope. The unfinished agenda (Rainer Falk)
The US Onslaught Against the World Summit. A declaration of war (Phyllis Bennis)
Security Council Reform: Not a Qick Fix (Global Policy Forum)

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