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Volatility and a tendency towards crises are inherent features of the world financial system even nowadays when the impression is created that the turbulent times of the Asian crisis have been overcome. World Economy & Development In Brief continues to ask if lessons of failed economic policy have been learned. Complacency is always greatest in the light of returned growth and before the storm. However, impressions can be deceptive.

WESS 2012: In search of new development finance

Kim or Ocampo: Who can reinvent the World Bank?

NGOs urge open selection of World Bank President

The Latest Global Financial Crisis: From market turmoil to credit crunch (Rainer Falk)
New Global Exchange Rate Arrangements Needed (WDEV Summary)
Healthy Correction or Start of Deeper Turmoil? High financial volatility in markets (Martin Khor)
The Current World-Economic Bonanza and its Risks. Report in preparation of UNCTAD XII (WDEV Summary)
Financing for Development II: From Monterrey to Doha (Jens Martens)
The Euro Solution: A levy on Euro for international development (Stephen Spratt)
NGOs: How to deal with IMF legitimacy crisis? (Documentation)
How Wolfowitz Continues the Crisis: The World Bank before Singapore (Daniela Setton)
Innovative Financing Mechanisms Gain Momentum: The Brasilia conference (Frank Schroeder)
The World Economic Cycle at a Critical Juncture (Jörg Huffschmid)
The European View: How to Reform the IMF? How much weight for Europe? (Rainer Falk)
The First Step. Report from the Paris Conference. Real progress on Airline Ticket Tax (Peter Wahl)
Tobin Tax: "Ready ffor Implementation". The feasibility of a Currency Transaction Tax (Thomas Kalinowsky)

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