Doha Final

Do we enter a new, development friendly trading system or just a new wave of market liberalisation? Five years of negotiations under the Doha Round point to the real danger that the promises of a development agenda could well turn into a pure market access agenda. World Economy & Development In Brief reports regularly on trade negotiations and asks for a world trading system coherent with the needs of sustainable development.

Between Singapore, Geneva and Heiligendamm: When globalisers obstruct globalisation (Rainer Falk)
Analyses on the suspension of Doha (Links)
Doha: What the South was Asking For (Documentation)
South: No WTO Deal Against Food Security. Communiqué of G33, African Group, ACP and LDCs
The Post-Hong Kong Blues: The Doha Round 2006 on the Home Stretch (Rainer Falk)
After Hong Kong: Battle Will Resume January 2006. Tumultuous week but no big decisions (Martin Khor)
The Electronic Reader for Hong Kong. Selected papers on trade and development
On the Road to Hong Kong. Towards a sustainable, gender-fair, just governance (Christa Wichterich)
EU Offer Threatens Developing Countries. Who really speaks for Europe (Martin Khor)
The Consequences of MFA Phase-out. New study on global textiles and clothing trade

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