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Issue 4/Jul-Aug 2007


* Healthy Correction or Start of Deeper Turmoil? High financial volatility in markets
Stock markets around the world experienced sharp falls since the end of last month. It could be just a short “correction”, or a new phase of financial volatility. With the second week of wild ride and high volatility, it is best to prepare for more shocks and roller coasters ahead, writes Martin Khor.
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* The EU Presidency Outlook for Development: German leadership heads south to Portugal
July marks the handover of the reins of the EU presidency from Germany to Portugal, providing a moment to pause and assess the German contributions to development as well as the agenda for the rest of 2007 for the Portuguese. The EU has the opportunity to show it is capable of reforming the $10bn of annual Community aid so that it brings tangible changes to people living in poverty, writes Denise Auclair.
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* The Current World-Economic Bonanza and its Risks. Report in preparation of UNCTAD XII
Current encouraging global economic progress must be carefully managed so that several threats that could derail the current 5-6% annual growth rates in developing countries do not materialise – and so that the benefits are more thoroughly extended to the world's poorest people and the poorest nations, urges a new report by the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). A WDEV summary with recent figures on the place of developing countries in globalisation.
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* Latin American Governments and Foreign Investors. A new assertiveness
The relationships between governments and investors - especially transnational corporations - are changing rapidly, and this is especially true in Latin America today. Last month, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua surprised many international observers by announcing that they would withdraw from the World Bank's international arbitration body, the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), Mark Weisbrot reports.
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* Knowledge, Innovation, and the Way Out of Poverty. UNCTAD’s new Least Developed Countries Report
Most LDCs have opened their economies and are now highly integrated with the rest of the world. But even where they are increasing exports and attracting foreign investments, most LDCs are not climbing the economic and technological ladder. Their economies remain locked into low value-added commodity production and low-skill manufacturing, notes the latest Least Developed Countries Report of UNCTAD. A summary by Rainer Falk.
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* WDEV News Blog: European Civil Society Round-Up
Our continuously updated newsblog with civil society news from Europe comes now as free content, with a fresh look and all functions necessary for debate und additonal links to further relevant sources.
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* WDEV New Online Resources
New online resources (recent papers, documents and analyses) you will find now regularly and free in our link section.
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