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The WDEV Dossier for G20

The Road to London and Beyond

It is not even real spring yet but 2009 is already being termed a recession year. The global financial crisis hit the real economy everywhere and stimulus packages are frantically being thrown together. The pressure for change is rising on the “construction sites” of globalisation. Thus 2009 is also representing a window of opportunity: the consequences drawn from the global financial crisis and the course set this year can decisively shape the face of global governance for the foreseeable future. An overview by Rainer Falk and Barbara Unmüßig
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New Report: A Global Green Recovery is Possible
Measures of G20 members for economic recovery can trigger a boost of both sustainable growth and climate protection. This is the result of a report, authored by Ottmar Edenhofer and Lord Nicholas Stern. A global green recovery could deliver economic benefits, help to avoid dangerous climate change, and reduce sources of global and social instability.
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Proposals for Profound Reform of Financial System
With the world facing the first crisis of the modern age of globalization, a commission of economic experts chaired by Nobel Laureate and former Chief Economist of the World Bank Joseph Stiglitz calls for the creation of a new global reserve system and a global economic coordination council as part of a fundamental reform of the international financial architecture.
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Increased IMF Funding without Reforms?
The G20 summit meeting in London on April 2nd will have a lot on its plate and will certainly fall short of expectations. There is a world recession, the worst for more than 60 years, and the immediate problem of how to get out of it through fiscal and monetary stimulus. Then there is regulatory reform. And sadly, last on the agenda is aid for the poorest countries.
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Call for More Say in International Finance Reform
Issuing their first-ever communiqué at a G20 finance ministers' meeting, Brazil, China, Russia and India have called for a bigger voice on international bodies - signalling their growing political resolve to influence global affairs. WDEV documents the communiqué in full length.
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