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Issue 5/Sep-Oct 2010


* Labour market recession threats social outlook. The World of Work Report 2010
A new report by the research arm of the International Labour Organization (ILO) says a long “labour market recession” is worsening the social outlook in many countries. The study, World of Work Report 2010 – from one crisis to the next?, says that, if current policies persist, a recovery in employment to pre-crisis levels will be delayed until 2015 in advanced economies, instead of 2013 as it projected one year ago. An overview by Carla September

* Multilateral aid: IFIs up - UN agencies down. The findings of a new DAC/OECD report
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has just released the 2010 DAC Report on Multilateral Aid. The report highlights that although the percentage of Official Development Assistance (ODA) given through multilateral institutions remains stable overall, the share of funds disbursed by the UN has decreased. The report also notes that in the wake of the global crisis, lending to poor countries has dramatically increased as grant aid is falling. By Bodo Ellmers

* Pakistan: Realities beyond the clichés. Some reflections on the 2010 flood catastrophe
“Natural disasters have invariably been transformed into man-made disasters, through the unpreparedness and dysfunction of government institutions, the incompetence of its politicians, the greed of its economic agents, the tenuous nature of support from civil society and the inability to mobilize large-scale support from the world community.” (Awami Times Online) These are harsh but telling words, Gabriele Köhler finds.

* Venezuelan economy: Media get it wrong, again. Economic misreporting and the elections
The bulk of the media often gets pulled along for the ride when the United States government has a serious political and public relations campaign around foreign policy. But almost nowhere is it such monolithic as with Venezuela. Even in the run-up to the Iraq War, there were a significant number of reporters and editorial writers who didn’t buy the official story. But on Venezuela the media is more like a jury that has twelve people but only one brain, Mark Weisbrot comments.

* Seperately (as free content): The European Civil Society Round-Up

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