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Reality of German aid is changing under Niebel

A critical assessment of German development policy

In November 2011, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. This anniversary comes at a time when North-South relationships are fundamentally changing, and so the conditions that frame German development aid policy. The new Minister, Dirk Niebel of the (neo)-liberal FDP has launched a ‘radical change of course’. In the recent edition of the Reality of Aid shadow report (see reference) the change is analyzed. A WDEV summary


In the light of shifting global economic and political power structures - particularly manifest in the increasing significance of China - it appears that to divide the world into two distinct sections of ‘industrialised countries’ and ‘developing countries’, or into the ‘rich North’ and the ‘poor South’, is becoming increasingly anachronistic. China is now investing billions in crisis-afflicted Greece; Brazil in 2011 owns more US government bonds than Germany and Switzerland combined. And this global economic and political upheaval has also put concepts and strategies behind traditional development aid policies on the spot ...

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Find in this article:

In the name of effectivesness: back to projectivitis?
Tied aid and results-orientation
Helpless in the face of global risks
Insufficient increase in ODA – new cutbacks already in the pipeline
Lack of policy coherence for development

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