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Issue 1/Jan-Feb 2012

NGOs urge open selection of World Bank President
In an open letter a global coalition of development activists and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is calling on the World Bank's governors to ensure that the next president is chosen in an "open and merit-based process" that will give borrowing countries a major say in the selection.
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Prognosis 2012: On the brink of a global recession
Persistent high unemployment, the euro area debt crisis and premature fiscal austerity have already slowed global growth and factor into the possibility of a new recession. Now the United Nations have downgraded significantly its forecasts for the world economy in the next year.
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EuroMemo: European integration at the crossroads
In the run-up to the European Council this week the EuroMemorandum Group, the European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe, will publish its new memorandum pointing to the need of fundamental changes in the European Union. Any solution of the actual crisis, it says, has to be guided by deepening democracy, solidarity and social justice.
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Myanmar - a new darling of the West
After decades of isolation - imposed by major OECD countries out of concern for the country's human rights violations - Myanmar is emerging as a new darling of the "West" - judging by the accelerating succession of visits by senior officials and gurus. New groups of investors are waiting to enter the country as soon as possible.
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Thinking development against the mainstream
Marking the 30th anniversary of one of the world's more influential economic annuals experts pointed out that themes long sounded in UNCTAD's Trade and Development Report retain current prominence - particularly those citing the questionable wisdom of unbridled free markets.
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Issue 2/Mar-Apr 2012


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