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Issue 5/Oct-Dec 2013

Partnership in transatlantic trade and investment?
The negotiations between EU and US on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are in full swing. The project is not only intended to reduce tariffs between the world economy's two biggest trading blocs; its primary aim is to dismantle and/or harmonise a wide spectrum of regulations. Investment liberalisation and protection also will be central issues.
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Alternatives to deepening divisions in Europe
The European Union (EU) is set to exit from recession, but parts of Europe are beset with depression-like conditions; unemployment is exceptionally high in the peripheral euro area countries and not expected to decline appreciably in the near future. The European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe (EuroMemo Group) warns of a Europe of deepening divisions.
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Dynamic expansion in the developing world
World merchandise exports have more than tripled over the last two decades and reached US$18.3 trillion (in current prices) in 2012, with a quarter of that trade comprising exports among developing countries - so-called "South-South" trade - which reached a record $4.7 trillion.
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A reform perspective for the WTO after Bali
Roberto Azevêdo, the new WTO head, has earned praise for avoiding the implosion that has characterized many past WTO meetings and instead securing a deal. However, the real question is what lesson the new Director General should draw from his intense first few months of WTO leadership.
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Limitations of the Bali package
The Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation in Bali from 3 to 7 December 2013 ended with a small deal, hailed by many for reviving the WTO as a viable venue for trade talks. However, the results are very modest, and there are also imbalances in gains and losses. Martin Khor summarises to the limitations of the Bali deal.
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Warsaw: Global climate talks at the crossroads
Once again climate talks are at the crossroads. This year’s conference of the parties to the UN climate convention (COP 19) in Warsaw (11-22 November) should plane the road to the next climate agreement to be decided in Paris 2015. However, the differences in approaches between North and South are re-surfacing again. The window of opportunity for keeping world climate below 2° Celsius is closing. A rolling documentation by WDEV, updated daily.
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The youth bulge in Least Developed Countries
The number of young people of working age in the world's 49 poorest nations is increasing by 16 million per year, and in each one of 11 such countries it will climb by at least half a million per year, a new UNCTAD report says. The organization recommends that the governments of the globe's least developed countries (LDCs) intensify efforts to employ this vast resource - currently largely underemployed, or trapped in vulnerable, low-paid jobs.
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Issue 4/Aug-Sep 2013


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