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Warsaw: Global climate talks at the crossroads

COP 19: A rolling documentation by WDEV

Once again climate talks are at the crossroads. This year’s conference of the parties to the UN climate convention (COP 19) in Warsaw (11-22 November) should plane the road to the next climate agreement to be decided in Paris 2015. However, the differences in approaches between North and South are re-surfacing again. The window of opportunity for keeping world climate below 2° Celsius is closing. A rolling documentation by WDEV, updated daily.


COP 10 decisions

Decisions of COP 19 are available >>> here.

Official websites

Website of the conference (COP 19)
Website of the host government
Gateway to the United Nations Systems Work on Climate Change


Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Summary for Policy Makers (5th Assessment Report)
The Emissions Gap Report 2013: A UNEP Synthesis Report
Africa's Adaptation Gap Report: Climate-change impacts, adaptation challenges and costs for Africa (UNEP)

Official statements and positions

Eröffnungsrede des Konferenzpräsidenten Marcin Korolec
Opening Statement der UNFCCC-Exekutivsekretärin Christiana Figueres
Opening address by Dr. Rachendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Presentation)
WMO Provisional Statement on Status of the Climate in 2013

Views from the South

Report on the 24th meeting of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group. Note by the secretariat
BASIC: Warsaw Climate Conference should be about ‘implementation’ of decisions
African Ministers agree on key messages for Warsaw climate meeting
Developing countries stress importance of non-market approaches
Developing countries propose text on international mechanism on loss and damage
Ideas from the South to combat climate change (Daniel V. Ortega-Pacheco, Ecuadorean Delegation)
SBSTA: G77 and China adopts Brazilian proposal on need for methodology for historical responsibility

Comment and analyses

Martin Khor: Funding the key to action
Marcus Kaplan/Pieter Pauw: New momentum from below for the international climate process
Liane Schalatek: Upping the Ante. The 5th Green Climate Fund Board Meeting
Kevin Watkins: Stop Subsidizing Climate Change
Germanwatch: Global Climate Risk Index 2014
Germanwatch Briefing Paper: The End of German Climate Leadership
Jeffrey Sachs: We risk more Haiyans if we ignore climate change
Tracy Carty: Adaptation and the $100 Billion commitment. Why private investment cannot replace public finance in meeting critical climate adaptation needs (Oxfam International)

Messages and documents from civil society

Warsaw Briefing Papers (Third World Network)
Workers and Climate Change (ITUC)
Welcome to the Coal land (CEE Bankwatch)
No Excuse for Inaction. Care International's demands for Warsaw
The COP 19 Guide to Corporate Lobbying (CEO/TNI)
Tackling the Climate Reality: A framework for establishing an international mechanism to address loss and damage at COP19 (ActionAid/CARE/WWF)
Banking on Coal - Undermining our Climate (urgewald/CEE Bankwatch/Polska Zielona Siec)
Rich countries must end obsession with private climate finance

Blogs and services

Making Waves (Greenpeace)
Earth Negotiations Bulletin on COP 19
Warsaw News Update (Third World Network)
EquityWatch COP19 (Centre for Science and Environment)

More on the subject:

This site will be updated permanently. Last update: 25 Nov 2013

Recommended citation:

* WDEV, 2013 'Warsaw: Global climate talks at the crossroads. COP 19: A rolling documentation, World Economy & Development In Brief (WDEV), Luxembourg, 11-22 November (www.wdev.eu)

* >>> In-depth: Environment and Development

* SUBSCRIBE to World Economy & Development in brief >>> here.

Limitations of the Bali package / The youth bulge in Least Developed Countries


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