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Pilot Issue

Dear Reader

Welcome to the pilot issue of World Economy & Development In Brief ! We are proud to offer you access to the articles of this issue free of charge. However, as of April 2006, the beginning of the regular subscription period, a special authorization will be required. Subscribers will receive a username and a password with their subscription.

We hope you find our service useful and inspiring. Please ensure your full access as soon as possible, and enjoy many more European briefings on globalisation, North-South relations, and international ecology in the future!

The Publisher

Contents February/March 2006:

* The Post-Hong Kong Blues: The Doha Round 2006 on the Home Stretch?
Whereas in the NGO community Seattle was seen as the watershed of a new global movement and Cancún was an occasion for celebration, frustration spread after the Hong Kong meeting. It was a “bad deal”, many observers say, delivering only few concessions to the developing countries, but saving the Doha Round from collapse. However, Hong Kong did not bring us much more than a new timeframe in which the crucial details still have to be clarified. Whether the developing countries are better or worse off after the Doha Round will depend on the negotiations of the coming months. By Rainer Falk.
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* Development Policy and the Grand Coalition in Berlin: New Constellation, Old Conflicts
"Germany as a responsible partner in Europe and the world" – such reads the headline of the chapter on foreign, security, European, development and human rights policy in the coalition agreement. The entire chapter contains neither spectacular nor – even worse – specific statements. This void is particularly obvious in the section on development policy. The influence exercised by the new CDU coalition partner on development policy can at best be discovered (if at all) by reading between the lines, observes Barbara Unmüßig.
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* Goodbye UK, Hello Austria: EU Presidency Outlook for Development
As the Austrians settle into the driving seat of the European Union for the coming six months, the time is ripe to take a look back at the achievements of the UK Presidency for development, and forward to the agenda of the Austrian Presidency in 2006. The Austrians will have the less glamorous but just as important job of making sure promises are kept. Denise Auclair gives an overview.
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* The European View: Fair Trade? The EU's Real Deficit
Ethical commerce is not easy to define, but as matter of fact, consumers’ penchant for ethical purchasing is tangibly growing. People are increasingly aware that the international trading system is not conducive to sustainable development and hence does not merit the label ethical. The EU falls short of providing meaningful support for ethical commerce, comments Frithjof Schmidt.
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* European Round-Up
New EU aid fund +++ Hamon report on IMF reform +++ Morgantini report +++ Corporate lobbying +++ Development financing instruments +++ New online resources
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