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From G8 to G20

The G8 summit in the Baltic sea resort of Heiligendamm (6-8 June 2007) was another apex of mobilisation in the global fight against poverty. A wide spectrum of NGOs and alter-globalisation forces organised the most massive protests since years. World Economy & Development In Brief monitored the process towards Heiligendamm. It will observe the G8 policies also in the years to come.


Flags of the G8 club

Grasping or missing the chance for fairer growth?
The spectres of Europe's sprawling debt crisis and a Greek Euro exit loom large over the upcoming G20 summit next week in Los Cabos, Mexico, where leaders must thrash out a plan to rescue the global economy. They've shown that they can find money, and political will, very quickly when their backs are against the wall.
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G20: The wrong forum for development policy
While the G20 efforts to manage global aggregate demand, exchange rate management and stronger regulation of the international financial sector have not worked out quite as planned, in Cannes the Group was further solidifying its role in directing the system of multilateral institutions.
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The strange outcome of the Cancún climate summit
The United Nations' Cancun climate conference which adopted a text early on 11 December 2010 had a strange outcome. It was acclaimed by many for reviving the spirit of multilateralism in the climate change system, while others accused it of falling far short, or even going backwards, in controlling the Greenhouse Gas emissions.
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G20 at the crossroads: Clash or cooperation?
Two years ago, the G20 announced their shared ambition: to manage the global economic crisis more efficiently and more transparently than the old industrialized nations (G8), and to prevent further financial market crises or economic downturns. Only two years later, the G20 now stands at a crossroads.
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Towards the Seoul Development Agenda
The G20 has recently set up a working group on development and will adopt a comprehensive development agenda at the November Summit in Seoul. It might come as a surprise that the G20, which was indeed set up to manage the way out of the world financial and economic crisis at the level of the heads of state, now wishes to address questions of development.
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Christine Lagarde: French priorities for the G20
France will assume the 12-month rotating presidency of the G20 in November. Christine Lagarde, Minister for Economy, Industry and Employment of France, at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation in Washington discussed the country's priorities for the presidency.
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Time to Deliver: The Group of 20 at the Crossroads
The summit meeting of the Group of 20 most important industrialised and emerging countries (G20) in Toronto on 26-27 June 2010 reminded us that even extended informal management bodies in the global economy can only be as good as their member governments.
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On the Road to London and Beyond
The year 2009 is clearly representing a window of opportunity: The consequences drawn from the global financial crisis and the course set this year can decisively shape the face of global governance for the foreseeable future. An overview by Rainer Falk and Barbara Unmüßig
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What the G5 Expects from Dialogue with the G8. Joint position paper for the Heiligendamm Process (WDEV document)
Blogging G8: The Road to Heiligendam (Blog by WDEV in co-operation with Heinrich Böll Foundation)
German G8 Politics on the Eve of Heiligendamm: Making everybody happy? Not really ... (by Rainer Falk and Barbara Unmüßig)
Surprise Us .. and Remember Your Promises! Heiligendamm would be a wonderful opportunity (by Eveline Herfkens)
The G8, Africa, and NEPAD: Self-proclaimed Success. The emperor's new clothes at Heiligendamm (by Hening Melber)
Summit Theme Global Imbalances II: Retreat or New Wave of Globalisation? (by Rainer Falk)
Summit Theme Global Imbalances I: World Economic Perspectives in 2007 (WDEV summary)
North Falls Short of Development Aid Promises, OECD Report Warns (WDEV summary)
Intellectual Property High on the G-8 Agenda: The wrong focus in Heiligendamm (Klaus Liebig)
L-27 as Emerging Alternative to G-8? The never-ending story of ECOSOC reform (Jens Martens)
The German G8 Agenda for 2007: Responsable, reliable, sustainable? (Rainer Falk)
Around the World, Millions Stand Up for MDGs (UN News Service)
Between Geneva, Singapore and Heiligendamm: When globalisers obstruct globalisation (Rainer Falk)
Charm Offensive for a Backward Energy Agenda: Putin and the G8 summit in St Petersburg (Jürgen Maier)

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