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The Development Agenda

Year of double opportunity - or double risk?
In 2013, the UN will convene a General-Assembly level meeting on a new, sustainable development agenda, with a view to deepening or substituting for the MDGs which were meant to be accomplished by 2015. And, by coincidence, in 2013, trade and investment issues, and part of the MDG agenda's goal 8, could re-enter the arena of development debates, albeit for a procedural reason: the lead posts at UNCTAD, the WTO and the ITC are all falling vacant next year.
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WESS 2012: In search of new development finance
The United Nations is proposing an international tax, combined with other innovative financing mechanisms, to raise more than $400bn annually for development and global challenges such as fighting climate change. This is the theme of its annual report on development.
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Avoiding the mistakes of early industrializers
Africa, a latecomer to establishing complex, modernized economies, should strive to do this in a way that uses the continent's abundant natural resources in an efficient, "green" manner that both raises living standards and protects the environment, the new Economic Development in Africa Report of UNCTAD urges.
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More imaginative in the South than in the North
Social protection has been on the development agenda for some years now. There is a long, arduous, thorny path to climb to make it a reality on the ground. At the level of vision, principles, and policy commitments, however, the social protection discourse has reached new heights over these past months.
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New Global Partnership for Development?
In Paris the final negotiations are being held on the form the new "Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation" should take. In November 2011 it was decided at the Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness that this new body should be set up by June 2012. However, a global partnership should be part of the UN.
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Thinking development against the mainstream
Marking the 30th anniversary of one of the world's more influential economic annuals experts pointed out that themes long sounded in UNCTAD's Trade and Development Report retain current prominence - particularly those citing the questionable wisdom of unbridled free markets.
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From G8 to G20 / The Euro-zone in Crisis


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